‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Latest Issue - 13/2019

Dear reader,

I am worried that with Mihail Baykov we are already offering you the 13th issue of your KuklArt magazine. And I am writing these words on December 13, Friday… Can you imagine?!

It is obviously time for forgiveness and small balances.

It is time for the magazine to be taken over by younger, more energetic colleagues.

When I agreed more than 11 years ago to try to start a puppetry magazine (the first of its kind in our country!), I had several goals.

First, I wanted to prove to myself, to prove that this is possible. I consider this goal to have been achieved.

The second goal was to attract young colleagues to write the magazine. We dreamed of the ‘Hamburg measure’. We achieved the first – especially after the inclusion of Mihail Baykov in the editorial team. I can list many names of young colleagues who enthusiastically got involved in writing for puppet theater. At a time when the incident is being written about the traditionally more reflected drama theater, we must realize what an achievement this is… I would like to believe that writing about puppet theater will become a passion for young theater critics, because I hope that they understand what great possibilities lie in the doll and the hand that caresses it with caress, what a stimulus to their imagination they could be. The second is still a dream.

The third goal was to cover not only the festival life of our puppet theater, but also its difficult daily life on the pages of the magazine, which became imperceptible every year (the idea was to publish two books a year). In the current issue, this aspiration has been achieved more than in previous issues. Our aim is for teams from the magazine to acquaint our readers more completely with a separate theater, with his problems of artistic, personnel, financial and technical nature.

Our fourth goal is to create interest in the magazine in the puppet class, and not only among it. Achieving this goal – probably through our fault – does not satisfy us.

Our goal was to make the magazine popular among puppeteers around the world. That’s why we translated separate texts into English. Maybe in 2-3 years a summary issue should be published entirely in English, or each issue to be translated and its translation to be published on the website of the magazine, which Mhail Baykov initiated and created.

The pleasure of trying something I have never done is enormous and all-consuming. That is why I am grateful for the chance given to me by AKT-UNIMA, Bulgaria. Thanks to them. I am also grateful for the opportunity to communicate with adults personalities such as Atanas Ilkov, Nikolina Georgieva, Ivan Tsonev, Slavcho Malenov, Petar Pashov, Kiryakos Argiropoulos, Yana Tsankova, Katya Petrova, Maya Petrova, Slava Racheva, Henryk Jurkowski, Vasil Rokomanov, Svila Velichkova, Veselka Kuncheva, Marieta Golomehova, Leonard Capon, Rada Moskova, Ivan Teofilov… The list, of course, can be extended with the names of a number of actors and directors of puppet theaters, but it’s time for the finale.

Of course, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the designer Maya Georgieva, with whom we have been working passionately since the first issue.

Love KuklArt magazine. It’s yours…


Nikola Vandov


Dear Reader… – Nikola Vandov

Theory, history, experience, polemics

PQ=? Or what is the Prague Quadrennial? – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘Conglomerate’ project and its first entire presentation at the world stage design exhibition in Prague (PQ2019) – Gabriela Evstatieva

PQ2019: The winners – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘Conglomerate’ is a ‘common child’ of technology and art – Svetlomira Stoyanova talks to the stage designer Ognyana Serafimova (curator of ‘Conglomerate’ project)

The mutual relation between the inner monologue and the organic action behaviour, upon creating a stage image with a puppet – Dimitar Stefanov

The lack of playwright in the puppet theatre – Teodora Georgieva

‘To be Thumbelina’ – A puppet gest mimic film following the tale ‘Thumbelina’ by H.C.Andersen – Magdalaena Kovacheva talks to Mila Kolarova and part of the actor’s team (Interpreted from gest and mime language by Silvana Pavlova)

To see in double: puppet theatre and comics – Antonia Leney-Grange


You can do miracles in puppet theatre – Nikola Vandov talks to the poet, playwright, director and actor Ivan Teofilov

The other thing that matters – Mihail Baykov talks to the director Zlati Zlatev

Festivals and Forums

XXI National Puppet Theatre Festival ‘Mihal Lakatnik’

Festival’s Passport

About the responsibility of puppet theatre – Mihail Tazev

A critical view towards puppet theatre and children’s audience – Gabriela Evstatieva

In the logic of routine – Natalia Aleksieva

‘I believe in affection’ – a conversation of Boryana Georgieva with the director Slavi Malenov

XX International Festival for Children Performances ‘The magic curtain’

Festival’s Passport

II Puppet Theatre Festival for All Ages ‘Colourful cock’

Festival’s Passport

A meeting with contemporaneity – Elena Angelova

A festival for all ages – Albena Tagareva

VI International Open Air Puppet Festival ‘The Days of Puppets’

Festival’s Passport

Burgas: sea waves – 6 points – Mihail Baykov

XI Puppet Theatre Festival for Adults ‘Pierrot’

Festival’s Passport

‘Pierrot’ – the patience to raise a future – Desislava Dimitrova

The parallel universes of uncasual hitch-hikers – Katerina Georgieva and Natalia Aleksieva

A murder with love: a song for the last man – whispers turning into frantic screams – Svetlomira Stoyanova

A greeting for a splendid book – Nikola Vandov

Impressions from Pierrot 2019 – Gabriela Evstatieva talks to members of the jury

‘Pierrot’ Festival in the heart of Bulgaria and in the heart of the marionettes – Tommaso Chimenti

VIII International Puppet Theatre Festival for Children and Young Audience ‘Adults Forbidden’

Festival’s Passport

The children deserve it – Nikola Vandov

To feel somehow chosen – Boryana Georgieva talks to actors from the Puppet theatre of Plovdiv – Dimitar Nikolov (Shablata)

They do the necessary – Boryana Georgieva talks to the director Petar Todorov

First International Festival for Puppet and Square theatre ‘Arlequino and Marioneta’

Festival’s Passport

International Puppet Festival ‘Summer, puppets and friends’

Festival’s Passport

International Puppet Festival ‘Racho and Deshka’

Festival’s Passport


Just a pair of shoes – Gabriela Evstatieva

A warning of future without hope – Natalia Aleksieva

Three match sticks lighted in the darkness one by one – Mihail Baykov

Ugly Duckling – Zornitsa Kamenova

Flint and steel: the missed opportunities – Natalia Aleksieva

The flight of our dreams – Desislava Vasileva

Hitar Petar in Sofia Puppet Theatre – Gabriela Evstatieva

A white fairytale: return to childhood – Natalia Aleksieva

Air and (our) plastic century – Natalia Aleksieva

The colourful world of the black and white Pinnochio – Natalia Aleksieva

Love will save the world – Rumyana Mollova

The fairytale needs magic – Mihail Tazev

Job – a puppet theatre for adults – Alexandre Hristov

Another view of Perrault’s fairytale – Gabriela Evstatieva

Is this the reality of Bulgarian puppet theatre? – Natalia Aleksieva

Paper stories – a puppet show for children and adults – Alexandre Hristov

The fairytale as a world language – Katerina Georgieva

Discovery of beauty upon touching art and nature – Natalia Aleksieva

Short meetings with Portuguese puppet theatre – Mihail Baykov


History ot the performances 2019

‘The big art – puppet theatre and puppetry’ – Miroslav Tzvetanov

‘Circle of life’ with 6 awards

‘Ikar’ 2019 nominations and awards of UBA

‘Sivina’ award 2019

Award for ‘Comedian girl’ 2019

In memoriam

Pancho Panchev