‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Issue 11/2017

Dear reader,

This magazine is written by Mihail Baykov and me somehow stubbornly. We still think that we will last a little longer, at least one or two more will come out and… things will ‘flow’ somehow by themselves. Then the editorial office, more precisely its e-mail at kuklart@abv.bg will be filled with texts that are more problematic than each other, with more vision for the future, with greater demands on the present (namely with a view to the future!)… Then, years later, working on such a magazine will be, as has been said, a song. Then…

Now we are still pursuing one of our most important goals – to give space for critical activity to the youngest, even to students at NATFA. We want these future colleagues to feel the sweetness and joy of free writing, to gain experience in tracking someone’s development, a certain trend in the search for our puppet theater, etc.

The construction of the main network of professional puppet theaters in our country began a little more than 70 years ago and lasted more than a decade. Therefore we have entered years of anniversaries. Yesterday we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Sofia puppet theatre, this year we celebrated the 70th anniversary of State Puppet Theatre-Plovdiv, the 60th anniversary of State Puppet Theatre-Stara Zagora and State Puppet Theatre-Yambol. What occasions for holidays and balance sheets. As a rule, the theatres celebrate their anniversaries with prepared books – chronicles of what they have created over the years. Without this care for memory, we are somehow doomed to oblivion, and this is one step away from the futility of our efforts…

And the past year has dealt heavy blows to the puppet theater. Arch. Ivan Tsonev and Assoc. Prof. Petar Pashov. We will still be even more relentless what we have lost in the face of these extraordinary talents. Only the Hamburg measure applied to them.


Nikola Vandov


Festivals and Forums

Pierrot’s Questions

— Desislava Dimitrova

Festivals and Forums

Gourmet, Fast Food, and Lunch Menu

— Katerina Georgieva

Festivals and Forums

Death as a Game or Theatre of Shared Feast

— Elena Angelova

Festivals and Forums

Seven among Seventeen Foreign Performances in the 17th Edition in 2017

— Svetlomira Stoyanova

Festivals and Forums

The Last Night of Socrates

— Boryana Georgieva talks with Petar Todorov, Marina Yuge and Haljuk Yuge


Somewhere in New York

— Mihail Tazev


Dear Reader… – Nikola Vandov

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Everybody cares about the artistic fact – Mihail Baykov talks with Viktor Boychev, State Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv Director and President of PTA UNIMA Bulgaria

Stage Arts Development Perspectives on Delegated Budget in 2018?! – Viktor Boychev

Our mission is to develop taste. And that is the most important – Mihail Baykov talks to Darin Petkov, Director of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora

Non-standard Artistic Personality’s Education – Puppet Directing and Acting Profesionnal Education Aim – Julia Ognyanova

I, Robot… You, Puppet – Julie Sermon

A New Puppet Theatre Magazine – Nikola Vandov


I Imagined that Puppet Theatre Would be Another and I Would Have Taken Part in that Anotherness – Nikola Vandov and Mihail Baykov talk to Director Yana Tsankova

Festivals and Forums

XX National ‘Mihail Lakatnik’ Puppet Theatre Festival, Yambol, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Yambol – Two in One – Two Anniversaries in One Year. Short Review of Bulgarian Puppet Stage through Festival Eyes – Svetlomira Stoyanova

And Another Two in One. Scientific Conference ‘The Tale in the Puppet Theatre’. ‘Fairy Feast’ Dramaturgy Contest – Plamen Harmandjiev

ІV International Open Air Puppet Festival ‘The Days of Puppets’, Burgas, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Burgas, Sea and Puppets – Gergana Traykova

Х International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival ‘Pierrot’, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Pierrot’s Questions – Desislava Dimitrova

Challenges of Puppet Theatre for Adults – Elena Angelova

Gourmet, Fast Food and Lunch Menu – Katerina Georgieva

Death as a Game or Theatre of Shared Feast – Elena Angelova

XVII International Puppet Festival ‘The Golden Dolphin’, Varna, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Seven Among Seventeen Foreign Performances in the 17th Edition in 2017 – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘Orpheus’ through Visual Theatre’s Eyes – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘Orpheus’ – Svetlomira Stoyanova talks to Director Boyan Ivanov

VІ International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Youth Audiences ‘Adults Forbidden’, Smolyan, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

‘Adults Forbidden’ in 2017 – Boryana Georgieva

‘The Last Night of Socrates’ – Boryana Georgieva talks with Petar Todorov, Marina Yuge and Haljuk Yuge


Somewhere in New York – Mihail Tazev

Of Puppets and Men – When the Voice Finds its Way to the World – Gergana Traykova

Ray of Light toward the Underground of a Human Soul – Natalia Aleksieva

The Juliada goes on – Nikola Vandov

Book with a Restless Spirit – Mihail Baykov

The Maze of Human Souls – Natalia Aleksieva

A 50-Year-Old Festival – Ivan Raykov

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen in the ‘Vashkakash’ Puppet Theatre – Kristina Tom-Marnet


History Performance 2017

The ‘Sivina’ Award 2017

The ‘Ikar’ 2017 Nominations and Awards for Puppet Theatre


In memoriam

Ivan Tsonev

Petar Pashov

Atanas Boyadjiev

Dimitar Chernev