‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Issue 12/2018

Dear reader,

It’s hard to believe, but you already have the twelfth issue of KuklArt in your hands! I just don’t think what’s coming next year… Namely: 13th issue!

It is greedy our wish with the irresistible Mihail Baykov not to miss anything from the aroma of the process, no more important show, nothing mainly from the general tone of the forums held in our country during the year, to meet you in calm, nervous from rushing and searching for indispensable sensations, conversations with personalities who determined and determine the level of Bulgarian puppetry, to raise again and again the issue of training puppeteers, our desire through foreign experience to encourage the search for puppet theatre in our country, to save them – if at all possible, but also useful – walking on dead end paths, etc. That is why the number swells out of control, and the annual uncertainty that there will be another issue does not give us the heart to give up a group of texts or to postpone their publication for a whole year…

At the same time, we can’t help but rejoice that the editorial office receives more and more diverse texts, that there are – oh, a miracle! – there are already authors who are looking for us themselves… At least in quantitative terms, one of the main goals of KuklArt – to activate the writing of puppetry and to create its own circle of authors, is about to be realized. It is time to look for the quality of writing that our puppet theatre deserves.


Nikola Vandov


Festivals and Forums

The Need of Illusions is Alive

— Katerina Georgieva

Festivals and Forums

The 10th Puppet Fair – To Be or Not to Be?

— Natalia Aleksieva

Festivals and Forums

A giraffe – the fascinating poetry of puppets

— Natalia Aleksieva

Festivals and Forums

The Eternal Visual poems of Jordi Bertran

— Svetlomira Stoyanova

Festivals and Forums

Katya’s Love

— Tamiko Onagi



— Svetlomira Stoyanova


Monsters by Duda Paiva

— Albena Tagareva


The Land of Oz

— Zornitsa Kamenova


Dear Reader… – Nikola Vandov

Theory, history, experience, polemics

Puppet theatre must continue to exist as a puppet theater and must not forget the puppet – its basic mean of expression – Nataliya Aleksieva talks to the director of Sliven Puppet Theater Efimiya Pavlova

A resistant tradition

International anniversary creative laboratory and workshop from Stara Zagora – Svetlomira Stoyanova

A playwright – wanted or not? – Venera Nechkova-Fingarova

Therapeutic effect of the fairytale in terms of puppet therapy – Mihaela Tyuleva, PhD

Samurais and marionettes – Mihail Baykov talks to the creators of ‘The samurai’s daughter’

‘Pocket enchantments’ – Manuela Sarkisyan presents her one man show

For a multidisciplinary education – Margareta Niculescu

We learned a lot thanks to the debates about the place of an art and its teaching – Svetlomira Stoyanova talks to the founder of ‘Daru Tempo’ Company

Education of the untypical artistic personality – goal of the professional training in puppet direction and acting – Yulia Ognyanova


Be yourself and aspire to do what you want most – Dilyan Tsenov talks to the actress Slava Racheva

Only children are able to feel empathy – Nikola Vandov and Mihail Baykov talk to the writer Rada Moskova

I like to have fun and nothing else attracts me – Nikola Vandov and Mihail Baykov talk to the director Leonard Capon

Festivals and Forums

Fifth international art festival ‘The magic of the wind’, Sliven

Festival’s Passport

The power to overcome fear – Mihail Tazev

The Fillyjonk – Boryana Georgieva talks to the director Petar Todorov

Festival bonuses – Nikola Vandov

Nineteenth International Festival of Children’s Performances ‘The Magic Curtain’, Targovishte

Festival’s Passport

‘The magic curtain’ for the 19th time

How about you – can you forgive? – Mihail Tazev

Fifth International Puppet Open-Air Festival ‘Puppetry Days’, Burgas

Festival’s Passport

This festival was intended to be a gift – a gift for our little spectators… – Gergana Traykova talks to Hristina Arsenova – director of Puppet Theatre Burgas

Twenty-third International Puppet Theatre Festival ‘Three Are Too Many, Two – Not Enough’, Plovdiv

Festival’s Passport

The need of illusions is alive – Katerina Georgieva

A cyber white tale – digital reality following Valeri Petrov – Svetlomira Stoyanova

Dreamed music – Boryana Georgieva talks to Andrey Zaporojski (stage director of ‘A little night music’)

‘The piece’ – in search of the right place – Gabriela Evstatieva

Everybody has his own struggle, leaving, return, loss, finding… – Gergana Traykova talks to Veselin Boydev, Alexandra Eneva and Ivaylo Enev about ‘The piece’

Tenth International Festival for Street and Puppet Theatre ‘Puppet Fair’, Sofia

Festival’s Passport

Tenth Puppet Fair: To be or not to be? – Nataliya Aleksieva

90 years with Architect Ivan Tsonev – Gabriela Evstatieva

A heart, a little wit and a drop of courage – Mihail Tazev

‘Giraffe’: the fascinating puppet poetry – Nataliya Aleksieva

Neville Trenter – the power of the puppet – Svetlomira Stoyanova

The eternal ‘Visual Poems’ of Jordi Bertran – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘Monsters’ – the fears and the monsters (in us) – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘The story of the seagull and the gang of tomcats’ – from Bulgaria to Japan and vice versa – Nataliya Aleksieva

Katya’s love – Tamiko Onagi

Seventh International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth’s Audience ‘Adults forbidden’, Smolyan

Festival’s Passport

Conversations from Smolyan – Boryana Georgieva talks to the participants in the festival

In the Happy Mountain: with quiet stubbornness and deep conviction – Nikola Vandov


A chronologist between Vidin and Nice – far away from time – Katerina Georgieva

The small theater at the end of the world – Opus II. Nice is Vidin – Katerina Georgieva

‘Colorful cock’: the newest puppet art festival in Bulgaria – Elena Angelova

‘1984’ – Svetlomira Stoyanova

‘Monsters’ by Duda Paiva – Albena Tagareva

‘The land of Oz’ – Zornitsa Kamenova

A meeting with the extraordinary girl – Gabriela Evstatieva

‘Alice in Wonderland’: the children’s imagination that we never lose in complete – Nataliya Aleksieva

10 puppet fairs – Mihail Baykov

‘The Samurai’s Daughter’ – a Japanese puppet tradition in Bulgaria – Svetlomira Stoyanova

90 years since the birth of architect Ivan Tsonev – Mihail Baykov

‘Turandot’ – the Chinese princess in the puppet world – Svetlomira Stoyanova

Treasure Island – between classics and virtual reality – Mihail Baykov

‘A book which is worth its object’ – Nikola Vandov


History of the performances in 2018

Management Board of Association Of Puppet Theatres ‘AKT-UNIMA, Bulgaria’

New Puppet and Drama-Puppet Theatre Directors

Nominations and awards ‘Ikar’ of the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) for the year 2018

The winner of the ‘Sivina Award’ for the year 2018 is Lyubomir Genchev

In memoriam

Margareta Niculescu