‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Issue 6/2012

Dear reader,

Miracles are possible not only in fairy tales, so obsessed with our puppet theatre. They, rare but constantly expected, also happen on your weekdays. For example, the sixth issue of your puppetry magazine KuklArt is coming out.

It so happened that this issue is more captivated than ever by the element of street theater. Without wondering if he is always a puppet – let’s not be pedants! – let’s look at the manifestations of this Theatre, which is beginning to enter our streets, squares and gardens. With his apparent unpretentiousness and sincere poverty, he won us. And he is hardly to blame for the fact that, as things have started with our theatrical changes, maybe this will be the future of our theater at all. I would like to be here in brackets to write: Joke! But it’s not funny.

It is a miracle that, in spite of everything, performances are born in our puppet theater that honor our culture. In a year, ‘A Tale of the Wanderer-King’ and ‘World’ about the Sofia Puppet Theatre, and ‘The Lost Key’ will be published in Puppet Theatre – Vidin, and ‘Embedding’ in Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv… I must miss a show that deserves to be in this amazing series.

This is what the current issue of KuklArt tells about your days, about the holidays you, for what makes your efforts meaningful, for your life.

Let me end with the wonderful words of Kristin Dimitrova from the poem ‘We’:

Seen from afar, we look alike

A pile of dolls.

Or a merry circus.

Through the darkness of their bodies,

under the bars of the wooden limbs,

I like talking to people.

Sometimes they hear me.


Nikola Vandov


Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

A triple anniversary

— Slavcho Malenov

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

„Hot Spots“ in Puppet Theater

— Velimir Velev

Festivals and Forums

„The Magic Curtain“ – …(mani) Fest (ival) of children

— Katerina Georgieva

Festivals and Forums

Playing with wonders

— Stanislava Kirilova

Festivals and Forums

The Ephemeral Pass of Happiness

— Svetla Beneva

Festivals and Forums

VIIth edition

— Bogdana Kosturkova

Festivals and Forums

High points in Puppet Fair, 2012

— Patricia Nikolova

Festivals and Forums

Music and clowns

— Viliya Monovska

Festivals and Forums

Sincerely for „Holy“

— Silvia Hristova

Festivals and Forums

Monologue for Street Theater

— Boryana Georgieva recorded the monologue of the scenographer prof. Maya Petrova

Festivals and Forums

Travelling free of bans

— Viliya Monovska


The Tale of the Tramp King

— Patricia Nikolova


Tale of the Wandering of Kindness

— Viliya Monovska


Pumpkin Jam

— Mihail Baykov


Dear Readers… – Nikola Vandov

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Standpoint of AKT-UNIMA and the state puppet theaters

A Triple Anniversary – Slavcho Malenov

‘Hot Spots’ in Puppet Theater – Velimir Velev

About life and profession choices, about the truth and everything else – A conversation of Silvia Hristova with the actor Stanimir Gumov

A portrait attempt of the artist Svila Velichkova – Elsa Laleva

Festivals and Forums

ХIII International Festival of Children’s Performances ‘The Magic Curtain’, Targovishte, Bulgaria

Theater for children or the admissible capacity of dealing in the temple – Dimitar Chernev

‘The Magic Curtain’ – …(mani)Fest(ival) of children – Katerina Georgieva

On the edge of drama or Conversation about the children of the new age and their poor theater. – Mihail Baykov talks to the jury members – Yoana Spasova, Elsa Laleva and Katerina Georgieva

ХХ International Puppet Theatre Festival ‘Three Are Too Many – Two Not Enough’, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Three Are Too Many – Two Not Enough – Bogdana Kosturkova

Playing with wonders – Stanislava Kirilova

Notes from Plovdiv 2012 – Nikola Vandov

Conversations from Plovdiv – Boryana Georgieva talks to Veselka Kuncheva, Hristina Arsenova, Pavlina Trifonova, Adelina Ilieva, Krasimir Kolev and Victor Boychev

20 years of ‘Three are too many – Two not enough’ – Patrizia Nikolova talks to Victor Boychev and Leo Capon

VII International Festival For Street And Puppet Theatre ‘Puppet Fair’, Sofia, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

The Ephemeral Pass of Happiness – Svetla Beneva

VII edition – Bogdana Kosturkova

High points in ‘Puppet Fair’, 2012 – Patrizia Nikolova

Music and clowns – Vilia Monovska

Notes from Sofia 2012 – Nikola Vandov

Sincerely for ‘Holy’. The article includes also a conversation among the director Duda Paiva and the actresses Marieta Petrova and Tzvetoslava Simeonova – Silvia Hristova

Monologue for Street Theater – Boryana Georgieva recorded the monologue of the scenographer prof. Maya Petrova

We do not let the crowd carry us along – Katerina Georgieva talks to the actors from Atom Theater

‘Adults Forbidden’. 1st International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Youth Audience, Smolyan, Bulgaria

Travelling free of bans – Vilia Monovska

Conversations from Smolyan – Boryana Georgieva talks to Petar Todorov, Tom Greder and Kalina Vagenshtain


‘Immurement’ or the Prostrated Master Manol – Mitko Novkov

The Tale of the Tramp King – Patrizia Nikolova

Tale of the Wandering of Kindness – Vilia Monovska

Pumpkin Jam – Mihail Baykov

Shuli Belo and the little big viewer – Patrizia Nikolova


‘The Mousy King’ after the guest performance in China – Patrizia Nikolova talks to Katya Petrova and Konstantin Iliev

‘Sivina’ Award 2012 – Silvia Hristova

Shiroka Luka Theater Academy