‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Issue 7/2013

Dear reader,

Let us also allow ourselves to interpret – as in the biblical myth of Joseph – the dream of the seven fat cows that are eaten by the seven lean cows. The former were good, and the latter, of course, ugly.

In the storms of our weekdays, left breathless by the constant incorporation, we, as a little Sisyphus, have been pushing the big stone of KuklArt on the hill of time for seven years now.

This is our seventh effort – the seventh issue.

We are convinced that the edition is needed by the puppet class. It is even more important that AКT-UNIMA, Bulgaria also thinks so and does its best to keep it published.

But the money is still not enough and we are losing a number of already conquered territories. This issue is more than twice as thin as the previous one, with fewer illustrations, with much less translated text. Again, without the rubric ‘Spectaclography’, which kept for posterity what was done by the puppet theaters in our country (again, we received the necessary information only from 6-7 theatres, and so we cannot talk about a more complete picture).

But back to the beginning. Are these first seven years, these first seven issues, from the ‘skinny’ or the ‘fat’? What awaits KuklArt?

This will be decided by you, your interest, your devotion to the puppet theater, which fills our common days and dreams…


Nikola Vandov


Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Puppet Theater and the Future

— Rumen Rachev

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

50 Years Of UNIMA – Bulgaria

— Slavcho Malenov


Dear Readers… – Nikola Vandov

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Puppet Theater and the Future – Rumen Rachev

A Never-ending Story or 50 Years of Higher Education in Puppet – Stanislava Kirilova

‘50 Years of Higher Education in Puppet Theater’ – a Book with Great Variety of Topics – Vasil Stefanov

50 Years of UNIMA – Bulgaria – Slavcho Malenov

About the Topic of the Main Function of the Puppets – Boris Goldovski

Festivals and Forums

The National ‘Mihail Lakatnik’ Puppet Theatre Festival, Yambol, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

‘Mihail Lakatnik’ 2013 Festival – Katerina Georgieva

Lost and Found Dreams – Vilia Monovska

Conversations from Yambol – Boryana Georgieva talks to Boris Goldovski, Angel Popov, Biserka Kolevska and Elena Doicheva

ХІV International Festival of Children’s Performances ‘The Magic Curtain’, Targovishte, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

The Festival that We All Need in the Search of Our Own Identity – Nikola Vandov

International Puppet Theatre Festival ‘Three Are Too Many – Two Not Enough’, Unit TheatAir 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

TheatAir – Street Theater for Everyone – Bogdana Kosturkova

The Street as a Theater or the Initiative that Changes Fates – Katerina Georgieva

Conversations from Plovdiv – Boryana Georgieva talks to Victor Boychev, Veselka Kuncheva, Marieta Golomehova and Ashton Ka

8th International Puppet Theatre Festival for Adults ‘Pierrot 2013’, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Myself – Pierrot – Mihail Baykov

Pierrot 2013 – Nikola Vandov talks to the Jury Chairwoman Svetla Beneva

Sensations, caused by ‘Breath’ – Stanislava Kirilova

Festival, My Love! – Silvia Hristova talks to the Theater Managers Darin Petkov, Tatiana Kalcheva and Vera Stoikova

3rd International Art Festival ‘The Magic Of The Wind’, Sliven, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

The Synthesis As…? – Stanislava Kirilova

Conversations from Sliven – Boryana Georgieva talks to Efimia Pavlova, Gabriella Hadzikostova and Yuki

2nd International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Youth Audience ‘Adults Forbidden’, Smolyan, Bulgaria

‘Adults Forbidden’ – Art as the Purest Way of Reaction – Katerina Georgieva

The Will to Go On Against All Odds – Mitko Novkov talks to Petar Todorov


The Magic Tinder – Mihail Baykov

The Repair of Broken Human Being – Teodora Kafedzhieva

‘Puppet Stage Design for a Fairy Tale’ – Nikolina Georgieva

In a Shakespeare Mood – Violeta Decheva

Forgiveness is a gift, less frequent than revenge – Svetlana Pancheva

In memoriam

Atanas Ilkov (27.12.1924 – 26.4.2013) – Slavcho Malenov, Kiryakos Argiropoulos, Jenny Pashova, Petar Pashov

Nikola Krastev – Krum Gergitzov