‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Issue 9/2015

This is the movement that reveals the violation of grace, the gracelessness that appears between the god and the puppet. This gracelessness is attributed to the gravity disturbed by consciousness. It is the place of dichotomy, open between god and puppet and occupied by man (and human consciousness) as a scene of lost grace. Finally comes the movement that promises a return to grace.

Miglena Nikolchina
‘The concave mirror.
Aspects of the parahuman in Kleist and Rilke’


Dear reader,

Together with Mihail Baykov we continue with our ambition to expand the circle of authors writing about puppetry. An effort that is often bitter, but the successes along the way are so joyful.

With the active assistance of AKT-UNIMA, Bulgaria we are restoring the practice from the first issues of ‘KuklArt’ to publish ‘Spectaclography’ for a given period. This issue describes the premieres of puppet theatres in Bulgaria for 2014. Of course, we only publish the information you receive. All possible omissions and inaccuracies are due to the information provided to us. The reader will notice that only one director responded to our survey. If other answers are received, we will publish them in the next issue.

More than ever, we post reviews of shows and books. The comparison with the theater abroad gives us knowledge about ourselves, which in the near future of those around us is often vague and untrue.

We draw your attention to a significant fact – in the awards of the Union of Bulgarian Artists ‘Icarus’, puppetry is now included not only in the ‘puppet’ categories, but also in those until recently reserved for the ‘dramatic’ theater. So enough complexes, insecurities, girlish fears of neglect. Be yourselves and it will be given to you as they say…


Nikola Vandov


Festivals and Forums

And the Best Is Yet to Come – “As Dessert”

— Mihail Baykov

Festivals and Forums

Miniature streets

— Katerina Georgieva

Festivals and Forums

Exciting Moments in Foreign Performances

— Lyubomir Parushev


About the Rats and the People

— Svetlomira Stoyanova


The Theater as War

— Katerina Georgieva


Dear Readers… – Nikola Vandov

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Letter of АКТ-UNIMA, Bulgaria

Inquiry of State Puppet Theater Directors

Viktor Boychev

Modern Challenges in front of the Puppet and the Children Audience Relation – Ivet Lazarova

Friendship Helps, Hence Bremen Is Vidin – Katerina Georgieva Talks to Young Actors from the Puppet Theater of Vidin

The Baroque Theater of Today and the Future of the Puppet Theater – Nikola Vandov Talks to Boris Goldovsky

Festivals and Forums

XIX National ‘Mihail Lakatnik’ Puppet Theatre Festival, Yambol, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

The Festival and the Routine – Nikola Vandov

II International Puppet Open Air Festival ‘Puppetry Days’, Burgas, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

And the Best Is Yet to Come – ‘As Dessert’ – Mihail Baykov

TheatAir 2015 (module of the International puppet-theatre festival ‘Three Are Too Many, Two – Not enough’), Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Miniature streets – Katerina Georgieva

Conversation from Plovdiv – Boryana Georgieva Talks to Teodor Borisov

ІV International Art Festival ‘The Magic of the Wind’, Sliven, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Holiday of Spirituality in Sliven – Rumen Nikolov

IX International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Overstepping the borders – Ana Luis Noriega

Exciting Moments in Foreign Performances – Lyubomir Parushev

To throw Some Light on the Lighting Design – Svetlomira Stoyanova Talks to the Participants and the Presenters of the Workshop in Lighting Design

To Possess Levels Up To Happiness or Two Destroyed Lives – Gergana Traykova


About ‘Momo’ and the Easiness of Recreation – Olya Stoyanova

Transformation and Conditional Symbolism in ‘The Samsa Family’ – Patricia Nikolova

About the Rats and the People – Svetlomira Stoyanova

The Theater as War – Katerina Georgieva

‘Joker’, Based on Motives by Ghelderode – Viktoria Dimitrova

I International Puppet Theater Festival ‘Kuralai’ (The City of Astana, 2015) – Bina Angelova

The Miracle of Life in the ‘La Pendue’ Theater – Viliya Monovska

Music and Consolation for a Theatrical Metamorphosis – Viliya Monovska

Aesthetic Projections of the Drama Puppet – Prof. Slavcho Malenov

Colourful Wonders – Nikola Vandov

The ‘Must Have’ of Puppetry – Kamil Kopaniya

A Research Should Be That Sort Of – Nikola Vandov


History Performance 2014

A Big Award For Arch. Ivan Tsonev

The ‘Sivina’ Award 2015

The ‘Ikar’ Awards for Puppet Theater 2015

Admission after the Contest

‘Rakopleshtene’ for the Puppet Theater of Vidin – Nikola Vandov

News from АКТ – UNIMA, Bulgaria

In memoriam

Lina Boyadzhieva – Kiryakos Agriropoulos

Yordan Todorov

Josef Krofta – Prof. Slavcho Malenov