‘KuklArt’ Magazine

Issue 1/2008

Dear reader,

In your hands is the first issue of KuklArt – your magazine for puppetry. The writing team, assisted by the ardent Editorial Board, made the first issue with the conviction that the Bulgarian Puppet Theatre needs its own periodical edition which will summarize the directions and problems of the puppet theatre process in our country, critically (uncompromisingly, but lovingly) review what is happening on the stages, to store the accumulated experience, to inform about everything that  happened in our puppet theatre during the past period (so over the years will accumulate a kind of database of our puppet theatre), to inform about the work of our colleagues abroad, to theoretically rationalize the searches and even to predict future efforts and discoveries in puppetry. Our ambitions are great. Greater than our capabilities today. At least in that sense, KuklArt is a magazine with a future.

The decision to publish the magazine was made by the Union Internationale de la Marionnette – UNIMA, Bulgaria. The name KuklArt is proposed by Prof. Nikolina Georgieva.

One of our ‘secret’ goals is the very existence of the magazine to motivate writing for puppet theatre, which in our country is in an obvious crisis (both qualitative and quantitative). But this ‘side effect’ – very important for us – will eventually be able to manifest over time.

As you can see, this could really be your magazine. And it can be written only on the wings of the responsiveness and concern of all puppeteers, of all theatricals.

When we talk about making and writing for puppet theatre, we will make an effort to be – when necessary! – unsympathetic, we will compare our experience with the achievements of the world. We will try to follow those exactingness and illusoriness, about which in 1928 Victor Shklovsky wrote his essay ‘The Hamburg Measure’:

              The Hamburg measure is an extremely important concept.

              All fighters, when fighting, dodge and lie on their backs on the orders of their impresario.

              Once a year, the fighters gather in a Hamburg inn.

              They fight with their doors closed and the curtains down.

              Long, ugly and difficult.

              This is where the true class of fighters is established – so that they do not falter.

              The Hamburg measure is needed in the literature.

              According to the Hamburg measure, Serafimovich and Veresaev are gone.

              They do not reach the city.

              In Hamburg Bulgakov is by the carpet.

              Babel is a lightweight category.

              Gorky is suspicious (often out of shape).

              Khlebnikov was the champion.

              Let’s try – together! – to go on the road to Hamburg…


Nikola Vandov


Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Bulgarian Puppet Theater – Past And Modernity

— Elena Vladova

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Getting Into It

— Atanas Ilkov

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Deeper Meanings And Their Visual Equivalent

— Petar Pashov


Dear Readers… – Nikola Vandov

Greetings! Stefan Danailov (5); Kiryakos Argiropoulos; Atanas Ilkov; Nikolina Georgieva; Elena Vladova; Vera Stoykova; Slavcho Malenov; Doychina Sinigerska; Boryana Zhivkova

Theory, History, Experience, Polemics

Bulgarian Puppet Theatre – Past And Modernity – Elena Vladova

Galatea – The Oldest Muse – Henrуk Jurkowski

Getting Into It – Atanas Ilkov

Deeper Meanings And Their Visual Equivalent – Peter Pashov

Ponder Over One Endless Journey – Roumen Rachev

About The Sands Buckets – Elza Laleva


PQ 2007’s Puppet Theatre – Vasil Rokomanov

Puppet’s Anatomy – Marieta Golomehova

Adam Kilian’s Ten Commandments


The Puppet Is An Oxsimoron – A Conversation Between Nikola Vandov and Henrуk Jurkowski

Yes! That’s How I Like It – А Conversation Between Nikola Vandov and Nedelina Roselinova


National Puppet-Theatre Festival ‘Mihail Lakatnik’ – Yambol, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Selection 2007 – Ina Bojidarova

And So, Here Me As A Jury – Elza Laleva

XVI International Puppet-Theatre Festival ‘Tree Are Too Many, Two – Not Enough’ – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Festival’s Passport

Conversations In Plovdiv – Boryana Georgieva In Dialogue With Viktor Boytchev, Vera Stoykova, Laura Kibel, Rumen Gavanozov, Teodora Popova, Hristina Arsenova

5th International Puppet-Theatre Festival for Adults ‘Pierrot 2007’ – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Festival’ Passport

Behind The Borders – А Conversation Between Nikola Vandov And Liliana Bardijewska


‘Lazaritza’ Burning Your Mind – Svetla Beneva

‘Thirst’ By Velimir Velev, As Slaking The Theatre’s Passion – Peter Zmiycharov

About The Words, About The Fairytales… – Anna Topaldjikova

‘The Work M’ from Slavcho Malenov – Nikolina Georgieva

Precise And Thorough – Snejina Panova

One Worthy Book… – Nikolina Georgieva

Bulgarian Research – First Of That Kind – Slavcho Malenov

Of Puppets And People – Doychina Sinigerska

50 years Stara Zagora Puppet Art – Elena Vladova


History performance 2007. State Puppet Theatre – Burgas; State Puppet Theatre – Varna; State Puppet Theatre – Vidin; State Drama and Puppet Theatre – Vratsa; State Puppet Theatre – Dobrich; State Drama and Puppet Theatre – Pazardzhik; State Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv; State Drama and Puppet Theatre – Silistra; State Puppet Theatre – Sliven; State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora; Sofia Puppet Theatre; State Puppet Theatre – Turgovishte; State Puppet Theatre – Yambol

In memoriam

Georgi Mitev – Kiryakos Argiropoulos

Biserka Gulabova – Krasimira Filipova

Sevelina Gyorova – E. V.


As A Joke

Old Fairytales With New Endings Or In What World We Are Living – Lora Variiska